#25for25 The Greatest Sports Moments I have seen live 1-5

25 years of life means 25 years worth of sports memories…well more like 19 to 20 (memory before 4 is a little fuzzy). So much has happened in sports that I couldn’t let my birthday go by without sharing the 25 greatest sports moments I have ever seen live. For this countdown which is in no particular order at all I can say that I was there or saw it live on TV. Living them in the moment is what this list is all about, here are moments one through five.

The Allen Iverson shot over Tyronn Lue in Game 1 of the Finals (2001)

Zidane & the headbutt seen round the world (2006 World Cup)

Jadaveon Clowney makes a statement (2013 Outback Bowl)

Robert Horry Game winner against the Kings (2002 Western Conference Finals)

Willis McGahee has his knee liquified (2003 Fiesta Bowl)

And I’m just getting started, more great moments are on the way!

Dempster To Take The Season Off

More on this from me and what this means for the Red Sox forthcoming.

CBS Boston

FORT MYERS, Fla. (CBS) — Pitcher Ryan Dempster has decided not to play this season.

Dempster made the announcement Sunday. He will be placed on the restricted list and not be paid his salary of $13.25 million.

Dempster told reporters he made the decision weeks ago.

“I’m both physically and mentally not ready to do my job,” he said.

Dempster, 36, was 8-9 with a 4.57 earned run average for the Red Sox last season but was taken out of the rotation for the playoffs.

The Red Sox were close to the luxury tax threshold prior to this announcement. With the money saved, Stephen Drew could be back in play.


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Everybody won the dunk contest!!

The all-star experience that the NBA puts together every year is pretty remarkable when you take a look at it compared to the other major leagues around. With the NFL no one cares about the Pro Bowl and the MLB All-star game never gets the ratings it should for what they call the national pastime.

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What’s next for Faber?

Uriah Faber has always been one of my favorite MMA fighters going back to his early days in the WEC. What is the WEC you ask? World Extreme Cagefighting, it was bought by the UFC back in 2006 and ended all-together in 2010. He’s had a very productive career so far, especially in a sport that is known for its heavyweights and international stars.But after his first-found TKO loss to Renan Barao at UFC 169 (his second loss to Barao), what lies ahead for the 34-year old?

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You know he plays baseball too right??

Jameis Winston has a long spring semester ahead of him. The Heisman Trophy winner doesn’t just have to deal with classes and the inherent fame that comes with being a national championship winner, he also has to get ready for the Florida State baseball season.

Yes, that’s right. Baseball. If you haven’t seen his moment of YouTube fame yet check this out:

A long semester for him means more fun times in Tallahassee.